Why Students Love Uber Eats


Be it early morning lectures or those late night study sessions, every student must endure these rights of passage. With little to no time left between assignment submissions or a quick study session before exams, let Uber Eats take the stress of cooking out of the equation. The math is simple With an influx of ….  Read More

How This Business Man’s Break Down, Marriage Break Up and $200K Loss Became The Motivation For His Latest Business.


With the World Health Organisation now recognising burnout as a medical condition, Melbourne man, Tristan Wright, knows all too well the effects of burning the candle at both ends that nearly cost him everything. It was this lowest moment in his life, when Tristan decided to put into practice what not to do when running ….  Read More

Artificial intelligence vs automation


AI is often confused with automation, yet the two are fundamentally different. Dr Mark Nasila, FNB’s Chief Analytics Officer for Consumer Banking, explains the key difference is that AI mimics human intelligence decisions and actions, while automation focuses on streamlining repetitive, instructive tasks. ‘Automation has been around for some time and is probably so integrated into ….  Read More