Why Students Love Uber Eats

Be it early morning lectures or those late night study sessions, every student must endure these rights of passage. With little to no time left between assignment submissions or a quick study session before exams, let Uber Eats take the stress of cooking out of the equation.

The math is simple

With an influx of submissions and invites to social events, a student must be frugal yet agile, carefully bringing balance to a work-party lifestyle. With Uber Eats, it’s made easy! Just invite friends over for a study session, split a pizza and split the costs – local favourites include Pizza Innor J’s Wicken Pizza

TurnItIn and turn it off

Most students dread the moment they have to hand in an assignment because TurnItIn or Viper always seem to provide enough stress to last a lifetime. The best reward after a busy day of lectures and handing in assignments is, of course, great food quickly followed by being able to relax and sleep. Students can stop worrying about having to cook up a meal after a stressful day at varsity by simply scheduling a meal using Uber Eats, so that the food arrives just in time for them to wind down for the day. Simply select the meal and schedule the time. All that’s left to do is turn off the laptop, jump under the covers, and stream Auntie Boss! on YouTube.

An easy choice

Every student knows that when it comes to making choices, some can be difficult, like selecting a qualification to pursue. On Uber Eats, however, the choices are wide and welcoming with a wide variety of options. Students are spoilt for choice, be it a guilty pleasure from Buona Gelato or a simple and healthy smoothie from Ruby Cold House, no choice made on Uber Eats can be wrong! Students are spoilt for choice with favourites like Ugali, fried chips, Nyama Choma (Roasted meat) and the good Ol’ Rice and Beans all of which can be found on the app.

Draw a conclusion

With so many assignments, and the consistent conflict of balancing a work-play lifestyle, students are familiar with the pressures life brings with being a young adult. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a self-care day, close the laptop and unpause the series. Other days, eyes will burn as the screen stays bright while the sun goes down. Whether students are cramming for a test or eager for a quick and simple meal before a night out, Uber Eats will always fit into the lifestyles of busy students. It’s always #EasyWithEats whilst being a student!

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