How to Avoid Essay Writing Mistakes in 12 Steps?

An essay is a small opus in volume prose with a free composition. In the essay, the author expresses personal thoughts and impressions on a specific issue, or about. The goal of the essay is not to give an exhaustive interpretation of the subject, but to express the personal opinion of the author.

An essay refers to the free genre, which can be expressed by the author as he wants. According to the specialists of the custom essay writing service, there is only condition for determining the structure of the essay. Everything should be written according to the laws of logic.

Nevertheless, while writing an essay, very often there are various difficulties and mistakes. They ultimately affect the quality of the essay.

How to avoid common mistakes when writing an essay? Learn from our article.

1. Adhere to the structure of the essay

Once you have received the assignment, determine the type and the plan of your essay. Then, go straight to the points (heading – introduction – several paragraphs of the main part – conclusion). Follow this strict essay structure, otherwise, your job will not be appreciated highly.

2. Use a draft

To write my essay today it is a good idea, but if you have little time, start with a draft.  After receiving the assignment and acquaintance with the topic, sketch your thoughts and arguments in the form of short abstracts. This will allow you to not forget important thoughts while writing the final version of the essay.

3. Get knowledge in different topics

An essay shows not only your level of writing but also erudition. Therefore, read the literature on various topics, before writing. It will help you expand your horizons and memorize new words, phrases, and clichés that you can use in your essay.

4. Leave some time to check an essay

Try to leave as much time as possible for the final reading of the essay. This is a real chance to improve the quality of your opus by correcting the errors found.

6. Be concise

An essay is a short kind of composition.  Some people think that the principle of “the more the better ” is correct. But there are certain rules in writing an essay, and it is important to keep within the required volume.

7. Argue your case

Every written thought should not sound unfounded. Support it with arguments, a vivid example, statistics, etc. Your written work should show that you know what you are writing about and are confident that you are right.

8. Use link words

The introductory words for the essay are important links that connect sentences to each other, forming a logical chain of your thoughts. They will help to combine sentences or show a contrast, designate a sequence of actions, etc.

9. Check the text of the essay carefully again.

Spell check is very important, but it is not enough. Re-read your essay and make sure that there are no ambiguous expressions, unsuccessful turns, etc. The presentation of the text should be clear to any reader.

10. Discard the tedious prefaces, but add more interesting details.

If the entry is too long and monotonous, the reader may lose interest. The preface should capture interest and make you want to read the entire essay. Also, sometimes, an interesting essay spoils the presence of a multitude of statements without illustration by their examples. Try to uncover statements with vivid illustrations.

11. Be careful with long phrases.

“The longer the sentence, the better”, some writers think so. But, this is far from the truth. Long phrases do not yet prove the author’s correctness, and short sentences often produce a greater effect. Best of all, it is to alternate long phrases with short ones. Try to read the essay out loud. If you feel your breath is catching, break the paragraph into smaller ones.

12. Do not overload the essay

When writing an essay, discard words from encyclopedias. The misuse of such words distracts the reader’s attention, minimizes the meaning of the essay.

A qualitatively written essay without above-mentioned errors is a guarantee of achieving your goal. Also, you can always ask for help from Writing Guru from writing essay service. Professionals will help you in writing and reading your essay and will give useful tips.

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