Start living your life above limitations

A happy life is what most of us hope for, you have probably felt like life is meant for more than just struggles but we day in day out end up with constrains like deadlines long lists of what to do, expectations of others and worry. Your life should be meaningful with a lot of opportunities for growth and success. Limitations are a part of life, but you don’t have to live in their shadow.

We've been there too...

What we always struggle with can sometimes feel like a prison and lead us to be insecure in our abilities. We know how that feels like, not having the channel time or idea to break free. Here at Lifehack you get to learn from experiences of others so you can transition to your best self through their guidelines

Break through pillars...

The human mind is always doubtful; thinking is great but leads to over thinking which might lead to tension, fear and stress. When it comes to the art of living communicating, learning and socializing there are things you will have to learn on your own. But when you struggle with the same issues over and over you need help, the below framework has proven methods that one can use to achieve opportunity with the purpose of overcoming any limitation. Follow and repeat these easy steps and you will succeed in no time.

Create a progress milestone

Life has limitations always. It’s you to decide whether your limitations stop you from getting to opportunities. Where there is obstacles in your life there is hidden opportunities, instead of focusing on the negative events, find motivation in the opportunities. To find hidden opportunities in whatever obstacles you're facing, learn how to answer just 3 powerful questions: 1.What do you want? 2.What's stopping you? 3.What is the turning point? The answers you list will give you light into the actions that will be foundation that will give you power in the next steps.

Create a progress milestone

When you envision your goals, you need to be able to look at a clear system that you will follow easily. There is no one way shot that is why you will need a path The pillars will teach you secrets towards planning your own stairway Find your talent Take small steps Set growth goals

Prioritize time, invest energy

It’s not about how you spend your time but more of how you spend your energy. You can have a well planned schedule but don’t get things done. Master how to focus and then prioritise time to get valuable tasks done in a small timeframe. Through this you will be able to use the time weapon to effectively get things done.

Make a self-sustaining system

Make a Self-sustaining system So you don’t fall back to old habits and traps you will need to make sure you consistently have a powerful build in input system over time. This will take time to come to a meaningful system that works for you.

Fix The Pieces of Your Life Together

Find the parts of your life that are holding you back and work on them towards a fulfilling and successful life in all aspects.
Mental | physical

Life and work
Goals | Career

Kids | spouse

Invest time in yourself and what is important to you, learn from experiences of people who have made improvements and empowered themselves to success.

To create momentum, you will apply this over and over on your personal limitations and eventually gain confidence through what you will learn.
You have the power to be the best version of yourself. You are going to
  • Be in control of your life
  • Be in a calm state and have clarity
  • Achieve goals in your own terms
  • Be confident to face limitations
  • Be empowered instead of being worn down by external circumstances